Customer Issue - Claim


The following collection of fields, allow a customer to raise a claim. ...

Customers will raise a claim when their consignments are damaged or lost.

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Contacts Panel

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General Panel

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Details Panel

Consignment note number:

Enter the consignment note number that this issue is related to.


Date of consignment:

Enter the date the consignment was created.


Order number:

Enter the order number associated with this consignment.

Note:  You might not have an order number.


Product code:

Enter the product code of the producs on this consignment


Claim type:

Clicking on the dropdown menu will display the following list of options.

Select the option that is most relevance to this issue.

  • Lost
  • Damaged
  • Other


If other, please specify:

If none of the options in claim type are relevant, then use this field to specify the claim type.


Customer reference:

Use this field if you have a reference number relating to this issue or freight.


Contact name:

Type the name of the contact, who first noticed the problem.

This is often the person who signs for the delivery of your freight.


Address details:

Use the following fields to specify your address.

 Address line 1:  Enter the street address in this field.

 Address line 2:  Use this field if you need additional space for the street address.

 Suburb:             Enter the suburb in this field.

 Location:           Use this field for additional address details.

 Post code:         Enter the post code in this field.

 State code:        Enter the state code or state name in this field.


 New details:

 This area allows you to enter any other details relating to the claim or actions taken so far to resolve the issue.




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