Get Estimate


This screen allows you to quickly and easily calculate an estimated cost for a consignment based off your agreed rates without actually creating a consignment.


  • Go to the ‘Actions’ menu
  • Click on ‘Get Estimate’

Get Estimate


  • Select the Charge/Billing Code

Charge Billing Account

    • Change the Charge/Billing Code if you would like to get an estimate using a different account code/set of agreed rates


  • Select the Carrier/Service
    • Change the Carrier/Service option before getting an estimate based on how you are intending to send the freight
  • Sender Details
    • Specify where the pickup will be from
    • TIP: Change the Sender Code to 'Return/Non Standard Sender' if you are wanting an estimate for a Freight Forward or Return job from another location, or from one of your regular saved Receivers
  • Receiver Details
    • Specify where the freight must be delivered to
    • By entering in the Code field, you can also quickly select and auto-fill the addresses of any regular saved Receivers
  • Enter Address Manually
    • If the exact address or Suburb/City/Location is not found in Googles addressing list, you can toggle on the Enter Address Manually option

Enter Address Manually Toggle Button

    • Fill out the address details, and choose your location in our list of available Suburb and City options
    • Contact your local Branch or Account Manager if further assistance is required
  • Freight Details
    • Number
      • Enter the number of pieces being sent
    • Pack Type
      • This is the type of freight being sent (eg. pallet, carton etc)
    • Length/Width/Height
      • Enter in the dimensions of the freight in metres (eg: 45cm would be entered at 0.45m)
    • Volume - m3
      • If you entered the dimensions of the freight, this will automatically calculate the total cubic measurement of the freight line
      • You can just enter the cubic measurements without the dimensions
    • Weight - kgs
      • Enter the kilograms (kgs) of the freight line
      • If the freight weighed 2 tonnes, this would be entered as 2000kgs

Calculating an Estimate

  • Once the above details are entered, click on the ‘Get Estimate’ button to generate the estimated cost of the consignment based on the information entered and your agreed rates
  • Email Estimate To
    • To email a copy of the estimate, enter an email address and click the ‘Send’ button




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