Thermal Printers


Which printers do we support?

Which printer do we support?

Datamax E-Class printers are those we primarily support. The Information below on suppliers and stock sizes are helpful. Additionally, we do have some support for ZPL printers, typically the Zebra brand. We also allow for some ‘generic’ output files from Freman, however we do not actively promote other branded printers or imply they will be sure to work.

Thermal Label Printer Solution

Datamax provides a range of label printers, which work very efficiently with Freman.
With the E-Class line of label printers being the most common label printer this is a great choice for printing labels out of Freman.

Datamax Printer

Datamax E-Class Direct Thermal Label Printers

• Compatible & efficient with Freman
• It is compact which is ideal when it comes to clogged up workbenches/desktops
• Easy to maintain
• Prints barcodes
• Can be used with other applications such as Despatch IT
• Ethernet models are optional
• Compatible with different types of label stock



Who can I get in touch to order a thermal printer?

Purchasing a thermal printer

For New Zealand customers: You will need to contact your Mainfreight Group account manager or Mitech for more information about purchasing a thermal printer.


Ph: 09 915 5555
Fax 09 915 5559


For Australian customers: You will need to contact Insignia directly for thermal printer purchases.


Ph: 1300 467 446
Fax: 1300 780 049


For printer servicing and maintenance please contact Mitech (New Zealand) or Insignia (Australia)

For Freman label printer support please contact the IT service desk on 09 525 8848 (NZ) or 03 8336 0900 (AU).

Label sizes

There are three different types of label stock that we use for our labels:

• Courier label stock – 110 x 120mm (compatible with Freightways customers)

• Freight label stock – 112 x 98mm

• SSCC Freight label stock – (TBC Mid 2020)

To order label stock please enquire with your existing label provider. If you do not have one, below is a selection of suppliers:



Ph: 1300 467 446
Fax: 1300 780 049


New Zealand

Rapid Labels

Ph: 09 414 1730
Fax: 09 414 1701

How do I change the label stock options on my computer?


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