Import File

This page allows you to bulk import consignees, dangerous goods and products into Freman. This can be a fast way to upload large quantities of information that needs to be loaded into the system. Files must be uploaded with a CSV format to import correctly. Please contact your Mainfreight rep to assist with setting this up.


  • Go to the ‘Maintain’ menu
  • Click on ‘Import File’

Import File

How to Import a File

  • Click into ‘Import File’ tab
  • You have two ways to import a file;
  • Drag and drop
    • Move the file into the grey area
  • From your Files
    • Click ‘Click Here’ to open your files and select the right file
  • If the file is not in the correct format, a lightbox will appear to notify you
  • Click ‘Import’ to import the files
  • You will be able to see your imported files in the Import Log below


Finding an Imported File

  • You can see all imported files in the Import Log
  • Select the time frame you want to find imported files
  • Click ‘View Log’ to see all entries imported in that time frame
  • The list of imported files will display below with following information;
  • Date Stamp
    • The date the file was imported
  • File Name
    • The name of the imported file
  • Message
    • The record of what has been imported and any errors or invalid information

Import Log


NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.g. gadgets, OB&E, etc.