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Created Notes

Freman allows for the create reports of the consignments that have been made on the system. This report allows you list all consignments that have been created between a selected date range.


  • Go to ‘Reports’ menu
  • Go to ‘Created Notes’
    • You can also select this report from the Report Type drop down arrow


Created Notes



  • You can create a report based on all the consignment notes that have been created between a specified date range
  • Reports will pull all consignments created under all profiles
  • Report Type
    • The type of report you are creating
    • You can use the down arrow to select from the other reports as well
  • Date From
    • The date range the report will run from
  • Date To
    • The date range the report will run to


Running a Report

  • Select the report you wish to run
  • Enter the ‘Date From’ and ‘Date To’ range by manually entering a date, eg 26/07/2019, or by selecting the calendar icon and clicking the date required
  • Click ‘Download Report’ to export a PDF document
  • Click ‘Return to Review List’ to be taken back to the Consignment Review screen to view all notes
  • Click ‘Create New Consignment’ to go and create a consignment


Report Details

  • The PDF report will appear display all consignments for the specific date range
  • Consignments will be grouped by the Charge/Billing Code and will display in alphabetical order
  • The report will show the following information;
  • Consignment Information
    • Sender Name
    • Consignment note and barcode
    • Consignee name and address
    • Freight items, volume and weight
    • Sender and receiver references
    • Hire equipment used
    • Dangerous goods are present
    • Quote for consignment
  • Summary of information per each Charge/Billing Code
  • Total summary of information for all consignments in the report

Created Notes Report

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