Assigning Courier Accounts to Freman




Account Setup Requirements:

You will need the following:


  • Logins and account setup for Mainchain and Freman to create transport consignment notes
  • Logins and account setup for eDispatchIT system to create courier tickets


  • Check with Freightways account manager the customer eDispatchIT account is Version 1 and NOT Version 0 and get Freightways to upgrade it if necessary
  • Internet Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge
  • Thermal label printer – (Datamax E4205A Mark III recommended or Zebra ZPL models)
  • Mainchain Printing Tool installed




Linking One Carrier with Freman:

Once the courier module has been enabled by your account manager, all you need to do is link Freman to your New Zealand Couriers, Post Haste or Castle Parcels eDispatchIT account so we can pull your rates.

1. Go to Admin > Settings > Carriers & Services 

2. Click on the ‘Link/View Account’ button to integrate






Linking single/multiple eDispatchIT accounts with Freman

  •  Single account linked to all profiles

If you need to create courier tickets to the same courier account in other profiles, use toggle on the ‘Link this account to all profiles’ option and click save

Note: The setting will only be copied to profiles which have the relevant carrier already enabled. Check with your account manager first if you need them to enable New Zealand Couriers, Post Haste or Castle Parcels in another profile for you.


  • Different eDispatchIT accounts linked to different profiles

If you need to create courier tickets to different courier accounts you can set up your different profiles to link to separate eDispatchIT logins. For example you may have multiple sites/branches (e.g. Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch) using the same Mainchain/Freman account and need to keep your courier ticketing and rates separate.

1. Go to Admin > Settings > Carriers & Services

2. Toggle OFF the "Link to all profiles" setting then click Save.

3. Then go to each profile and link the relevant eDispatchIT ccount profile by profile by repeating steps from "Linking your courier account with Freman" section above. 


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