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Charges & Senders

How do I update my charge/sender code details?

This can only be updated by the Freman team or your account manager. Contact your account manager or our IT Support Team for assistance.

How can I arrange a consignment to be picked up from a different address?

To create a collection from a different pickup addres,


1. From the Create New Consignment Page.

2. Go to the Sender details section.

3. Select from the Code dropdown 'Return/Nonstandard Sender'

4. Fill in the details for the collection - you will need to provide a contact name and phone number for the pickup address.

5. Use the 'Emails documents to' function to email the consignment and label paperwork directly to the collection point.

If we want to send our freight but charge one of our other branches for the shipment, can we select the other branch's charge code in Freman?

Yes this is possible. Please contact your account manager to provide you with this function.


Consignment Note

Does Freman Have Depot Addresses Stored?

Yes. Simply type "Depot" in the code field under receivers when creating a new consignment.

How do I know my consignment note is uploaded?

Freman automatically uploads your consignment to us when your consignment note is printed or previewed. Printing your labels does not upload the consignment.

How many days in advance can I pre-book a collection?

A consignment can be created up to 7 days in advance of upload – you can do this from:
1. From the Additional Pickup Info Section (under Freight Details)
2. Pick Up Date
3. Select a date up to 7 days in advance.

I have uploaded a note but need to change some details. How do I do this? Is it too late?

You can edit the consignment any time before the driver has collected it.
How to edit the consignment:
1. Open your consignment from the Consignment Review
2. Update the areas you need
3. Re-print your paperwork and labels.

Important: you must reprint the consignment to push the update through to the local branch

How can I delete a consignment note?

You can delete a consignment from your Consignment Review screen.

Select the consignment you want to delete form list of consignments, then press the DELETE button

Please note: consignments which have been picked up cannot be deleted

Where can I enter special instructions for a customer/delivery?

Enter any special instructions into the body of the consignment note. You may also use the pickup and delivery instructions text box. If it is a very important note, it is always best to call our team as well.


Dangerous Goods

Can Freman be used to automatically print out my Dangerous Goods declaration forms?

Yes, you will need to have this feature activated by your account manager and all DG record data loaded into Freman.



How can I notify/be notified when my consignment note is picked up, out for delivery, delivered, etc.?

You can add custom notifications to your consignment notes and Freman will automatically send an email/SMS message to the specified recipient(s). You can set up these notifications to send automatically for your individual customers, or on-the-go when creating a new consignment note.



Is MPT compatible on macOS (Mac computers)?

MPT isn't currently supported on computers running macOS.

Last Updated: May 12, 2020

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