Customer Issue - POD 


The proof of delivery (POD) template is used to request information on the status of an outstanding order.

POD Details


Contacts Panel

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General Panel

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Details Panel

Con note number:

Enter the consignment note number associated with this POD.


Delivery date:

Enter the date that the consignment note was delivered.



Enter the name of the person who took delivery of the consignment.


Delivery date:

Enter the date in which the consignment was delivered.


Address details:

Use the following fields to specify the pickup address.

Pickup address line 1: Enter the street address in this field.

Pickup address line 2: Use this field if you need additional space for the street address.

Pickup suburb: Enter the suburb in this field.

Location: Use this field for additional address details.

Pickup post code: Enter the post code in this field.

State code: Enter the state code or state name in this field.


New details:

Use this field to enter new or additional details about the issue.


Issue details history:

Information typed in the new details area will be added to the Issues details history.


NOTE: Content in the panels below this point are not visible on the site unless used by other features e.g. gadgets, OB&E, etc.